Marketing Videos

    Providing Powerful Marketing Videos Throughout New England

    High-quality marketing videos are a proven way to get consumers buzzing about a company and learning in-depth information about its products and services. Well-made videos build interest in the minds of target audiences. They can be customized to fit your brand. Each video is the product of many hours of planning, shooting, and post-production. To the video engineer, a marketing video is a work of art.

    Why You’ll Love Our Marketing Videos

    We believe consumers love our videos because they are interactive and because they give individuals a chance to make their own meaning based on their personal experiences. In addition, consumers want to find brands they can trust, and videos are strong marketing instruments that can inspire their trust. In short, business owners can say a lot about their brand with expert marketing videos, even if they are only a few seconds.

    Discover the power of marketing video content with the help of At Your Service Video Production. We are conveniently located in the Portland, Maine area but also cover New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

    We are makers of top-of-the-line marketing videos and deliver these benefits to all of our clients


    Marketing videos convey a set of concepts to the viewer. This includes a combination of visual and audio elements, all of which must be carefully chosen to meet the objectives of your marketing campaign. We start at the beginning to craft a storyboard that will effectively convey your message to target viewers. Just decide how many videos you need, and we’ll create them and bring them to life.

    Powerful Imagery

    Images are easy for audiences to remember and sometimes harder to forget. If you choose the right combination of images in your professional marketing videos, you can create permanent brand impressions in the minds of your viewers. These videos can successfully reinforce your brand. On the other hand, sloppy video work can damage your brand. It’s best to trust the technical and creative details of shooting marketing videos and sequencing powerful images to the professionals. We offer affordable rates for high-quality video productions in Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. 

    Careful Planning

    Because videos have a huge potential to enhance your multi-faceted marketing campaign, you have to get over any fears of launching them. If you’ve never published a video on YouTube for your company, for example, you’re missing out on a powerful marketing venue. Sitting down and planning videos requires careful planning, including choosing the production budget and specific project components and writing a script. Our experts also consider how to effectively use lighting, how to frame shots, how to incorporate audio and sound elements, and how to edit video footage in post-production. Preparing videos for web marketing is a specialized form of video production offered by us. 

    Let us create consistent messages for your target audiences through the development of powerful marketing videos. Please contact us for a free estimate on your video project today!