Web Videos

    Powerful Web Video Content to Drive Your Marketing Goals

    At Your Service Video Production in Portland, Maine knows a few critical things about video production. We know how to get people’s attention when editing and filming videos for marketing purposes. Nothing drives your ability to reach your goals like your web video’s content.

    Content rules — whether it’s defining your concept or brand, building viewer loyalty, influencing your reputation or selling products or services. At Your Service Video Production offers all the conceptualizing, scripting and creative assistance you need to rock your client’s world. Our service area is New England, specifically Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

    Searching the Internet for Answers

    People increasingly turn to their smartphones and smart devices to — you guessed it — make smarter buying decisions. Your web videos can entertain, be fun, inspire awe and share your vision, but primarily, videos need to answer your customers’ questions.

    All kinds of companies and industries are capitalizing on Internet searches by producing web commercials and video content that increase search engine visibility, enhance company brands and move mobile customers along the sales funnel to conversions. You can deliver compelling web video content to your customers and stakeholders in many ways that include:

    • Demonstrating products in action
    • Answering customer questions and concerns
    • Providing educational or instructional videos
    • Generating video product catalogs
    • Branding your business through traditional graphics, interactive motion graphics and 3-D animations
    • Responding to customer concerns about issues like environmental or energy profiles of the company or its products
    • Promoting community or charitable causes through videos
    • Building a video or customer service library
    • Filming Q&A videos for websites
    • Breathing life into static images and dry content

    Differentiating Your Business from the Teeming Internet Hordes

    Face facts — most Internet videos are produced by amateurs and are seldom interesting or even watchable. Have you ever got the feeling you’d rather hear fingernails scraping down a chalkboard than watch another amateurish video? Only occasionally does a web video realize its potential and earn a company thousands of dollars, viral referrals and critical acclaim. We understand because that’s how we make our money — differentiating your business from its competitors, attracting your core customers and selling them with video content.

    Testimonials and Experience

    Our staff has more than 25 years of producing marketing videos, training videos, wedding videos and multimedia commercials for digital and traditional marketing applications. We can film your video in our studio or on-location throughout New England: New Hampshire, Massachusetts or from our offices in Saco, Maine. Our customers tend to write glowing reviews that frequently mention or reinforce our experience:

    • We bring creativity and cost-value ideas to each project.
    • At Your Service Video Production company thrives under pressure and meets deadlines.
    • We’ve worked with high-profile corporate and government agency clients.
    • Our educational, training and instructional videos escape the poor quality and boring nature of the genre.
    • Customers enjoy an all-inclusive script-to-screen experience that includes, writing, editing, filming and editing your Web videos.

    At Your Service Video Production serves Portland and other areas of Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts as a true business partner, creative videographer and content consultant. Content marketing can jumpstart your business, build company value, train your staff effectively and chronicle events that you want to slant your own way.

    Filming Your Masterpiece

    We film in New England, but our geographic reach might extend farther on request. Call or contact us today for free consultation about web videos. We’ll listen and make relevant and insightful suggestions based on your goals, budget and deadlines.