Training Videos

    Training Videos

    Training is an essential way that employers ensure their workers have information needed to do their jobs. Videos are a proven way to deliver any type of training. However, after your company logo rolls out in the opening sequence of training video, some employees have already started to tune out. Employees will try hard not to look at their Smartphones or check their emails. They are accustomed to a laid back approach to workplace training programs, which are typically not that stimulating. Employees may need to frequently refocus their attention on a presentation. Surely, you want employees to have a better training experience, especially when the most effective way to deliver information is through the content of a training video. 

    What We Offer – At Your Service Video Production

    We are a team of experts who love engineering video footage for your training purposes. We’re here to help you facilitate more effective training. We offer videography in most of New England, including Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. While videos do not meet every training need, we believe they offer these advantages to any organization: 

    1. Multi-Sensory Content:
    When it’s not feasible to give employees hands-on training, computer-based training (CBT) is the next best thing. Training videos provide employees with training content that stimulates their minds through audio and visual elements. Videos attract people’s attention with some kind of storyline and emphasize key pieces of information. We will customize footage for your needs following a predetermined script and align it to your established training objectives. Let us discuss how many videos you will need and the run time for each video that fits your training budget.

    2. Interactive Format:
    Effective training videos require employees to interact, such as considering thought-provoking questions, recording important information, duplicating a scenario, performing an action, or linking their background knowledge to new concepts. We want to help you make training content employees will connect with and refer to later on in their daily work.

    3. Flexible Usage:
    One of the biggest advantages employers love about training videos is the flexibility to use them anywhere at any time. It’s cost-effective for employees to watch training videos on an Intranet or a website containing your learning management system. You may want customized content for employees in specific positions as well as general training videos for all staff. If you are interested in acquiring training videos to complement a learning management system you already have in place, we can make that happen.

    Before you hire novice videographers to make videos for your personnel, please contact us for a custom estimate. At Your Service Video Production in Portland, ME, can handle all of your video needs from storyboard planning to uploading content on your learning management system. Just ask us how much it would be to complete your next training video project.